HP PCs, Printers - How to Submit a Dispute to Validate Your Warranty

This document is for consumer HP computers and printers.
If you think the warranty details of your product are incorrect, submit a dispute through the HP warranty validation website.
  • Select the country/region of purchase, type the product serial number, and then click Check warranty.
    Figure : Check your product warranty
    Check product warranty with the Identify now selected
    The Product Warranty Results screen displays.
  • If the warranty status details for your product are incorrect, click Dispute this.
    If the dispute link does not display, the product might be a commercial product, which cannot be disputed online.
    Figure : Link to dispute warranty
    Dispute this link
    The Warranty validation form screen displays.
  • Type your contact information, and then select a dispute reason.
    Figure : Warranty validation form
    Contact information of the warranty validation form
  • If prompted to upload the proof of purchase, click Choose File, and then double-click the proof of purchase file to attach.
    Make sure the file does not exceed 2 MB and is an acceptable digital file format: BMP, DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF, or ZIP.
  • Click Dispute warranty.
    HP reviews the warranty status for your product and contacts you after the review.
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