HP Sprocket Panorama Printer – Tips for Using the HP Panorama

This document is for HP Sprocket Panorama Printer and the HP Panorama app. View this document to get tips on how to use the Panorama app.

Improve Print Quality

Check these suggestions to improve the print quality of your printer:

    • Check the photo paper
    • Clean the printer
    • Update the firmware
    • Edit your photos
    • Cool down the printer

For more information, go to the Improving Print Quality.

Charge the Printer When Not in Use

Charge the printer when you are not using it. Leave the printer plugged into a power source whenever you are not using it.

Note: The printer can still be used while it is charging.

Keep the Paper Rolled up When Loading

If paper unwinds while loading the roll into the printer, roll back up the paper and carefully place the holder into the printer.

Prepare the Printer for a New Paper Roll

When placing a new paper roll into the printer, feed the cleaning sheet into the printer first to prepare the printer for the new paper roll.

Recommended: Always use the cleaning sheet after every 10 – 15 prints or if streaking appears in the photos to ensure the best print quality. Keep the cleaning sheet for future maintenance.

Send Multiple Print Jobs to the Printer

You can send a print job to the printer while it is processing another print job. You can even send one while the printer is turned off. The print job will automatically save itself in the print queue. The next time the printer is turned on and ready to print, it will start to process the next print job in the queue.

Press the Cutting Button Firmly

To properly cut a printed label, firmly press the center of the cutting button to ensure the label cuts evenly. Use two fingers to apply the appropriate amount of strength.

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