HP Sprocket Buying Guide

Devices are more focused than ever on taking great pictures. With each new smartphone that comes out, endless claims are made about how this camera is “the best on the market” or “our most advanced camera ever”. More and more, people are turning to their smartphones to help them capture and preserve meaningful moments.

Having cameras connected to our phones has made it incredibly easy to capture memorable moments. But for most people, hundreds and hundreds of photos get taken that are never seen again. Instead of letting memories live clearly in our minds, they never end up making it out of your camera roll.

Fortunately, the HP Sprocket is here to help bring your pictures to life. This line of mobile printers works seamlessly with your smartphone to turn digital pictures into beautiful prints. With a few taps on your phone, a picture from years ago can go from the cloud to your kitchen fridge in minutes.

Over the last few years, mobile printers have grown in popularity. Whether they have been used to capture moments at events, turn photo shoots into instant prints, or convert social media pictures into physical photographs, mobile printers go a long way in helping your photos get out of the digital world to preserve your most cherished memories. The rise in mobile printers, however, has led many to question what the best mobile photo printer actually is.

The HP Sprocket line looks to provide you with the simplest, most exciting mobile printing experience on the market. Each HP Sprocket is designed to bring the most out of your photos and produce fun, invigorating prints.

This all leads to a very important question: which HP Sprocket is best for you? The answer will depend on the way you plan on using your Sprocket. Whether you prioritize mobility, print quality, or low-cost operation, there is an HP Sprocket that is perfect for you.

This article is meant to serve as an HP Sprocket comparison guide that will help you see the distinctions between each model. We’ll go over the technical differences and best uses for the HP Sprocket, the HP Sprocket Select, and the HP Sprocket Studio. With these guidelines and suggestions in mind, you will be better able to decide which HP Sprocket to get for your specific needs.


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