Ring in the New Year with HP Sprocket Photos

It’s time to say good-bye to 2021 and welcome 2022. It can be a chaotic night, running around, deciding on a resolution, who do you see, and who you are going to be with when the clock strikes midnight. But thanks to the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, you don’t have to worry about one, often overlooked part of your New Year’s celebration: party favors.
After all the hustle and bustle of gift buying, wrapping, giving, cooking, cleaning, and family gathering of the holidays, the last thing you’d want to do is spend another second in line to buy run-of-the-mill New Year’s party supplies. Well HP Sprocket Photo Printer has you covered with an inventive, DIY project to add to the fun of ringing in 2022. Whether you are making it for yourself, a significant other, kids, or friends you plan on spending the night with, this DIY project is sure to please.
Show your loved ones you not only want to celebrate the new year with them, but that you took the time to create a simple fun twist that’s sure to bring a smile to their face and welcome 2022 the right way with help from the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.
Charm your loved ones with this DIY project to help celebrate the new year.

What You’ll Need:

  • HP Sprocket Printer
  • HP Zink Zero Ink Paper with sticky back
  • HP Sprocket App
  • Headband
  • Envelopes
  • Aluminum craft wire
  • Tinsel
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Once you’ve gathered all your materials, choose about 8 photos from your smartphone’s camera roll, and add them to the queue in the HP Sprocket App. Here you can edit, add filters, put in a framing border, crop, or add seasonal accents (stars, coloring, glitter, champagne, and more) to the photos you wish to feature in this project. Now you’re ready to create.


Go through the photos you wish to use for this project, again, you should choose about 8 of them. Load them into the free HP Sprocket App and decorate them appropriately. There you can edit, crop, or add holiday themed accessories to your photos. You may want to choose photos involving “2022”, or any of the amazing templates for the holiday.  


Once chosen, edited, and designed, print your pictures with the HP Sprocket Printer on the HP Zink Zero Ink Paper with sticky backs. Give yourself some options and print out some different photos and you might want to print a second copy of each picture, just as a back-up, in case a mishap occurs.


Align your wire on the headband to measure where to cut. Use a pencil to mark the exact spot you wish to cut. Be sure the cut you are measuring can give the picture enough space to stand above the headband. If you wish to have your photos higher up, you may want to give yourself more wire for your pictures to wave taller. To make sure, measure your cut mark twice.


Carefully cut the wire from the spot you marked and measured with the scissors. Four strips are recommended (one for each number in the year), but feel free to make it your own and create as many as you wish. You may want to cut a few extra strips, just in case of a misstep.


Carefully wrap your cut wire around the pencil to give each piece of a wire a fun curl. The longer the wire, the longer the curl. If you want denser curls, wrap the wire closer together on the pencil, for a lengthier curl, leave a little space as you wrap the wire around the pencil. If the wire becomes too tangled or destroyed, repeat STEP 4.


Take the glue and apply it to the bottom of your now curled wire and attach it to the headband (clear drying glue works best, so a big glob of glue doesn’t take away from the craft itself). Give yourself space in between each attachment, about an inch and a half, remember these are holders for photos to be displayed on top, you don’t want them to overlap and cover each other up. Set the headband down on the side the wires are attached so they dry evenly. Let the glue dry completely before moving on to STEP 7.


Once the wire is completely dry on the headband, take your photos you’ve just printed using your HP Sprocket Photo Printer and peel back the sticky back paper tab on the back of the photo about halfway. Don’t remove the paper from the photo completely. If this occurs, use a backup photo you’ve previously printed.


Place the wire, now attached to the headband, directly in the center of the photo in between the sticky back of the photo and the paper covering. Once in place, push the paper back down on the sticky back of the photo so it reattaches and holds the photo in place on the wire. If the photo or back is damaged in this process, simply use an extra photo you’ve printed and continue.


Apply STEP 8 for all the photos you wish to attach to your headband. Make sure they are all in place and secure before continuing.

STEP 10:

Take the tinsel and measure it across the headband. Remember, we are wrapping this around the base of the headband, so be sure to leave yourself a little slack so it covers the headband entirely. Once it is measured, hold the mark with your finger.

STEP 11:

Cut the tinsel right at the place you marked with your finger, remember to move your finger so you don’t accidentally cut yourself. Cut a few extra strips of tinsel, repeating STEP 10, just to give yourself a backup in case of a design flaw.

STEP 12:

Glue one end of the tinsel to the lower base of the headband. Remember to give yourself enough room to wrap the headband completely. If you don’t think you have enough tinsel, repeat STEP 10 and STEP 11 accordingly. Again, clear drying glue works best. Let the glue dry completely before moving onto STEP 13.

STEP 13:

Once the glue is completely dry, wrap the tinsel around the headband, circling around your attached wires, until you’ve reached the opposite side of the headband.

STEP 14:

Once you’ve reached the end of the headband in STEP 13, glue that end of the tinsel to the headband (you may want to glue the back of the tinsel in the top center of the headband for added support, as well). Let the glue dry completely.

STEP 15:

You’re done! Once it’s completely dried, place upon your head and get ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve! Give it out to friends, kids, loved ones, and anyone you want to ring in 2022 with.

Now that your creative thoughts are flowing, it’s time to make them come to life. The HP Sprocket Printer is just one of the tools you need to make these ideas a reality. The crisp, clear, fast, and sharp printing will capture your beautiful moments the way you want to see them. Do your memories justice with DIY crafts you can create with the eloquent photos from the HP Sprocket Printer.