Dine with the Ideal Gift this Mother’s Day!


Place the wrapping paper on a flat surface. Then, lay your wine bottle in the center of the wrapping paper. Fold the bottom of the wrapping paper over the bottom half of the bottle. Next, fold in the bottom corners of the wrapping paper near the sides of the bottle and secure the corners in place with tape


Fold the sides of the wrapping paper over the wine bottle and secure the paper in place with tape. Next, use scissors to cut off a sizable length of ribbon and tie it to the top of wrapping paper.


Connect your smartphone to your HP Sprocket 3x4 printer and print out your desired picture. Then, remove the sticky backing from the photo paper and stick your photo to the front of the wrapping paper.


Finally, add flowers to the wrapping by tucking the flower stems under the tied ribbon. If desired, add other decorations to the wrapping to make it your own. And with that, your picture-perfectly gift-wrapped wine bottle is ready for your loving mother to receive.